• Want to Import from China?

    Do you want to import from China but don’t have the knowledge, expertise or time. Leave it to the professionals.

    We will help you minimise the risks and challenges you face when you import from China while providing outstanding service and communication, all at the lowest price. Check out our services and contact us know for a personalised proposal.

  • Want to go to the Canton Fair but don’t know where to start?

    The 11th Session of the Canton Fair China is fast approaching. Are you planning to attend but dont know how to arrange your invite, your China VISA, which hotel to stay at in China etc.? We can help.

    At every Canton fair we provide trip planning and on the ground support to many different businesses. Contact us now to discuss your trip and how we can ensure it is successful.

  • Worried about getting what you paid for?

    Do you want the peace of mind that you will get what you paid for from your China Supplier? Make sure you get the proper checks done at your China Supplier to ensure you get exactly what you paid for and you don’t end up with inferior quality products.


We take the hard work out of Importing From China and minimise the risks involved. Contact us now to see how we can support you.


Planning to import from China but don't have the expertise, knowledge or time? Can't afford to visit China Manufacturers or China Suppliers yourself or don't want to? Let us help you successfully import from China from legitimate China Manufacturers.

Whether you need us to find you the right China supplier, manage samples from your China Manufacturer, conduct China Supplier Due Diligence...

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Want to import from China but would rather visit China suppliers face-to-face? Do you want to attend the Canton Fair but have never been before? Let us provide you with the support you need during your trip to the Canton Fair to source or visit China Suppliers.

Whether you need us to source your China Suppliers before you get to China, book meetings with China Manufacturers, arrange flights, visas, Canton fair invites...

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Are you looking for World Class Service and Communication? We pride ourselves on our service and communication as well as the results we receive for our clients who import from China, all at the lowest price. We help you successfully import from China.

We are Australian owned and managed with a dedicated team on the ground in China. We take pride in helping you import from legitimate China Suppliers...

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“Matt and the team at Silk Road provided us with a seamless experience right throughout the entire Import process. From sourcing suppliers, to providing samples, negotiating deals, quality inspections and freight arrangement, the process was first class.

The communication from Silk Road was very positive making the overall experience so much easier. If you are looking for a first class partner to import your product from China, then you can’t go past Matt and the team at Silk Road.”

Antony Moore - COO Wholesale Cleaning Solutions and Services

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