China Supplier Due Diligence

March 11, 2010 Articles 0 Comment

Ensuring you work with compotent suppliers that meet your obejctive is critical to achieveing a successful outcome when sourcing from China. It is not uncommon for trading companies, and individuals to present as something they’re not. Conducting common sense due diligence can help you avoid disaster before you even get started.

To further minimise your risk when importing from China we conduct the relevant Due Diligence on your chosen suppliers by inspecting their premises to ensure that:
  • They exist
  • The are legitimate
  • Have the core production capabilities to produce your product needs
  • Have the required machinery to produce your products
  • Have proper Quality Controls in place
  • Have international exporting experience
  • Have been in business for a long period of time
  • Have sound management and ownership
  • Adhere to relevant social and environmental requirements

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