Landed Cost Calculator for China Imports

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You have a great idea but dont know where to start when trying to calculate all the costs to land the product

What can it do for you?

In 60 seconds, you can have a good idea of what your product will cost to land. Duty, GST, freight included.

Where else will you get that?

Why is it available for free?

In really simple terms, we’re about helping businesses. We trust that if we put good information out there, which is of genuine value to people, that we’ll be remembered for it and you may keep us in mind for the things in your China sourcing project which you may not necessarily be able to do yourself. We’ve also developed it because we get so many people who need advice on how the process works, before they need a sales pitch!

All you need to know to work out what it’ll cost you to land the product is (roughly – every project is different):

  • an idea on the number of units you wish to purchase
  • an estimation on the cost of the product from the supplier
  • an idea of the Duty that you’ll pay (don’t stress, we give you info to help you work it out)
  • and a rough idea of the physical size of each product

If you’ve ever thought one day you’ll import your own product then this a tool you need.

This Simple Landed Cost Calculator, is easy to use, well designed and automatic!


Save your valuable time to work on what you know.


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