Part 1: The nature of changing terms, agreements and the cultural negotiation differences you face when working with Chinese Suppliers.

Working with Chinese manufacturers is challenging, in many ways. Possibly one of the most frustrating and difficult issues for Westerners is dealing with the ever changing landscape of agreements and negotiations before, during and post production of your orders. Changing terms of prior agreements. You will make agreements with suppliers; these ...

Why you can’t buy iPhones from China (and other branded products).

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It probably doesn’t need a 500 word article to answer one of the most common questions we get in the business, ‘How do I go about buying brand named goods from supplier in China?’ The short answer is, don’t risk it! Given though, the amount of times we’ve been asked ...

Preparing your product for retail display.

So you’re considering bringing in a product which will end up sitting in a retail store. What do you have to consider before you go and order your product and packaging from China?  Jumping in and ordering your product with packaging, before you know your customer (the retailer) is a bit ...

Product Margin and Selling Price Calculator – How to Import Successfully

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"When considering importing from China, it’s essential to plan what you’re doing", ....before making the commitment to even begin to source your product. How do you know what you’re trying to achieve with your sourcing if you don’t have goals for quality and price.    Have you thought through what you need to ...

Landed Cost Calculator for China Imports

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You have a great idea but dont know where to start when trying to calculate all the costs to land the product What can it do for you? In 60 seconds, you can have a good idea of what your product will cost to land. Duty, GST, freight included.

Case Studies – A look at why people use professionally sourcing/quality control companies.

  Different people have significantly different reasons for using a professional sourcing company. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the reasons why people choose to use us, and why sometimes it’s just not suitable.   Each of the cases below is a real case where we have worked with people/companies on their ...

Importing is easy. Anyone can do it… right?

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In the globalised world of business we operate in today, with the freedom and ease of communication and the tools available to learn and conduct business (and let’s be honest – all the ‘free’ support you can get online in forums and other education media) it’s no doubt easier than ...

Small Volume Importing from China – Ebook

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We developed this Ebook to ensure good quality information was accessible for everyone looking to import from China. Whether you're looking to import 10,000 units of your product or a few hundred, you will benefit from reading this book. With over 90 pages of information, tips, advice and some inspiring quotes ...

Want more answers regarding that burning question, ‘How Do I Import From China?’

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We talk to people nearly every day regarding their ideas for importing products from China..... the more people we talk to, the more we realise, our one stop solution for advice and direction (which often also turns into assistance) is exactly what YOU ...

Importing from China? How to package your product to sell and specify what you want.

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So, you have a great new product idea, you have a little bit of cash to tip into it but you haven’t managed a ‘products based business’ before. Importing product from China can be tricky, particularly when you have the cultural and often language barriers. Your terminology needs to be ...

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