Product Development

Part 1: The nature of changing terms, agreements and the cultural negotiation differences you face when working with Chinese Suppliers.

Working with Chinese manufacturers is challenging, in many ways. Possibly one of the most frustrating and difficult issues for Westerners is dealing with the ever changing landscape of agreements and negotiations before, during and post production of your orders. Changing terms of prior agreements. You will make agreements with suppliers; these ...

Preparing your product for retail display.

So you’re considering bringing in a product which will end up sitting in a retail store. What do you have to consider before you go and order your product and packaging from China?  Jumping in and ordering your product with packaging, before you know your customer (the retailer) is a bit ...

Little About Us

ABOUT SILK ROAD. We Simplify Importing About Us Our team has years of experience in China trade, exactly what your project needs. Don’t get caught out dealing with unqualified suppliers, paying more than you need to, stressing ... Read More »