Target Margins and Selling Price Excel Calculator

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Gross margins and distribution channels and resulting profit and loss considerations.

This free Excel based calculator will quickly help you work out what margins and mark ups you’re looking at to hit your target retail price through the distribution channel of your choice. Considering wholesale selling to retailers? Online selling? Get your answers. Click here for supporting article

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Landed Cost Calculator

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Includes duty, GST and freight calculations.

The landed cost calculator will help you quickly and accurately estimated your landed costs including supporting documentation and links to work our duty rates for your products, duty estimator and freight estimations for small order.  Click here for supporting article

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Ebook – Small Volume Importing From China

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A how to guide for new importers.

Want to save money and save time? Written by experienced importers who work with China everyday. An affordable, professional e-book containing over 90 pages of valuable information to help you successfully and accurately source, sample, purchase and import small order volumes from China. Normally $39.95. This month only $29.95 Click here for a comprehensive view of the product.


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