We developed this Ebook to ensure good quality information was accessible for everyone looking to import from China.

Whether you’re looking to import 10,000 units of your product or a few hundred, you will benefit from reading this book. With over 90 pages of information, tips, advice and some inspiring quotes to keep you motivated, at $29.95 its less than the cost of the freight to send some samples back from overseas!

This Ebook will save you money and help you avoid some of the uncertainty and risk when looking to import small volumes from China.


Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the Chinese business culture
  • How to source suppliers
  • Conducting due dilligence
  • Negotiating with supplier
  • Visiting suppliers
  • Arranging samples
  • Landed costs
  • Placing purchase orders
  • Quality Control
  • Freight
  • and more!


Professionally Designed and Easy to Use

The Ebook is professionally designed making it easy to navigate, search for terms and easy on the eye. The book contents are bookmarked for use in Adobe Reader.

Informative, value for money.

The information is really packed into it. Its easy to read and understand and will help you save money from the moment you start sourcing and sampling your product.



The downloadable file is a PDF document. If your computer cant currently read this file, you can download a totally free version or Adobe Reader here.

The book is currently not suitable for viewing as an ePUB file (for the likes of iPhone and iPads). We’re working on the next version for this purpose.

Celebrating our recent website upgrade the ebook is on special at the moment for $29.95 you would be crazy to pass up the oppotunity to purchase this informative book which will help you avoid risk and save money.

More products to save you money and time coming soon!

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