When you can’t get to China yourself

China Supplier Sourcing

Save you the time and money needed to find the right China Supplier. We provide you with written quotes that will allow you to make an informed decision about which China Supplier to import from in China.
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China Supplier Due Diligence

We minimise your risks when you import from China by making sure you are dealing with a reputable and reliable China supplier that can supply your goods on time, in full and up to the quality standards you expect. This is critical to your success in China.
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China Quality Control

If the quality of your products is important to you when you import from China then conducting Quality Control inspections are a must. Quality Control on China suppliers needs to be conducted by experienced inspectors that understand your business and products to ensure your success in China.
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China Sampling Management

Our team in China will arrange and manage the production of your samples from one or more China suppliers. While this can take some time this is when you can see your product dream become reality.
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China Order Management

Don’t have the time or patience to manage your orders with your China suppliers. Leave the hassle and hard work to us. We will manage your order and all communication through our team on the ground in China to help you successfully import from China.
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Freight Management

Want the best freight rates, service and communication when you import from China. We use experienced Freight Forwarders who can quote on both Air and Sea Freight shipments to ensure your freight arrives in a speedy, no fuss manor – all at industry low prices.
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China Emergency Management

Have you already placed your order with a China Supplier but they have gone cold on you? They have stopped all communication and you don’t know if or when your order will be shipped? Our China based office will make contact with your China supplier and get to the bottom of the problem. We will provide you with the answers that the supplier could not so that you can import your products from China.
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