We minimise your risks by using our team in China to identify a number of China suppliers that can produce your products to the required quality standard and at the best price. This ensures your best chance of success when you import from China.

We will then relay the information back for you to make the best decision on which China supplier(s) to get samples from. We work with you to learn about your products to ensure we know all that we can before you start to import from China. We save you time and money by negotiating the following terms and information with your China supplier:

- Cost (usually in USD)
- Order Lead Time
- Product Specifications (E.G. Weights, Dimensions, Size)
- Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
- Payment Terms
- Shipping Port
- Supplier Details
- How long the quote is valid for?
- Does the supplier have an Export Licence?
- Has the supplier exported to Australia before?
- Is the Supplier ISO-9000 Compliant?

Our clients import all different types of products from China and we can help you import either off-the-shelf or custom made products to your specifications. We currently clients import a wide range of product types from different industries some of which are very complex.

Because you are an expert on your product, before we start the Supplier Sourcing we ask you to provide us with the right information and specifications so that we can successfully source the right China supplier for your product so that you can successfully import from China.


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