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Pre-Trip Supplier Sourcing

Save you the time and money needed to find the right supplier in China before you get there. That way you will know exactly which China suppliers you will be visiting during your trip.

Pre-Trip Planning and Booking

Can you really be bothered booking your flights, accommodation and travel visas? Leave it to the experts! As well as this we will also organise your transfers, Trade Fair Invitations, Transport etc. so all your worries are taken care of.

Itinerary Planning and Management

If you intend to visit suppliers or wholesalers while you are in China we can help you arrange meetings with suppliers, visiting their factory and offices and even organise to visit their booth at a trade show.

Translation Services

Before your trip you will be assigned a Chinese Account Manager who will act as your voice to Non – English speaking business partners. Your Chinese Account Manager will conduct all translations needed during the days you have them booked. If you choose to go some of your trip alone, we will prepare documents in Chinese explaining how to get from one place to another E.G. from the airport to your hotel, to shopping precincts etc.

Negotiation Services

Your Chinese Account Manager will be experienced in negotiating and will negotiate all terms, prices, etc. with the suppliers to ensure you are getting the best prices and terms from your supplier during your trip.

Order and Freight Management

If you place an order during your trip we can manage the order with the supplier and also organise the shipping to Australia.

Little About Us

ABOUT SILK ROAD. We Simplify Importing About Us Our team has years of experience in China trade, exactly what your project needs. Don’t get caught out dealing with unqualified suppliers, paying more than you need to, stressing ... Read More »