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Lee Dunn, JD Sound

“We were very hesitant to source product direct from china at first, so we tracked down a professional trade consultant to look after handling the entire transaction for us. After a few very quick emails back and forth and after the proposal was presented, we knew that Silk Road was the company to handle our first import.

Matthew has been fantastic through the whole process handling every aspect from start to finish and he managed to quickly answer every question we had along the way. Having professional staff in China on the ground representing our company, inspecting the final product and presenting very detailed reports to us was the most important part of the process because we could actually see what was happening like we had our own staff there.

This was an outstanding first time import transaction for us with no issues at all. It went so well we will be doing it all over again very soon but only with Matthew and his team at Silk Road.”

Antony Moore, Chief Operating Officer – Wholesale Cleaning Solutions and Services

“Matt and the team at Silk Road provided us with a seamless experience throughout the entire import process. From sourcing suppliers, to providing samples, negotiating deals, quality inspections and freight arrangement, the process was first class.

The communication from Silk Road was very positive making the overall experience so much easier. If you are looking for a first class partner to import your product from China, then you can’t go past Matt and the team at Silk Road”

Nick Wall, Director – Wall 2 Wall Trust

Nick sent in this email after our first factory inspection to help him qualify a potential supplier – “You just don’t know how happy I am to have found you guys.”

John Begg, National Sales Manager – Geelong Brush Company

“Silk Road have given Geelong Brush Company eyes, ears and a voice in main land China and have acted as our business ambassadors while working with our Chinese Manufacturers. Silk Road offer GBC a cost effective means of conducting business within China. They are conscientious and effective communicators and we enjoy working with them.”

Lindy Boag, Director – Secret Weapons

“It was a big decision for me to place my trust and confidence in someone that I had spent a couple of hours discussing how they could help our business achieve its objectives. Matt took the time to understand and clarify our business priorities and requirements. What quickly became apparent to me was that I would continue to have the decision making accountability with Matt providing the information, analysis and support that my business required to ensure our clients receive the very best products and quality control.

I am kept up to date every step of the way and enjoy the open and honest relationship that we have. Silkroad are an integral part of our business.”

Little About Us

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